Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Continued Adventures of Wolfina the Wolf

One day, Wolfina was walking around the Wild Woods in search of Timothy the bear. Timothy had gone looking for honey again. On the way, Wolfina met Katie the cardinal. "Do you know where Timothy is?", Wolfina asked Katie. Katie responded, "No, but I saw him come this way about an hour ago." Wolfina thanked Katie and went on her way. A little while later, Wolfina met Charlotte the bear, who was one of Timothy's friends. "Have you seen Timothy?", she asked. "Yes I did," Charlotte replied. "He's over by the stream, catching fish." Wolfina went over to the stream and found Timothy. She called to him, "It's time to come home and have dinner!" "OK.", Timothy replied. They went home and had salmon barbecued in honey. And that was one of the adventures of Wolfina  the wolf.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Expeditions of Timothy the Bear

Timothy the bear lived in Wild Woods of Chestnut Town, as Wolfina did. They were close friends. One day, while Wolfina was off getting sheep, Timothy said to himself, "I'm hungry! All I ever get to eat here are chestnuts. I want honey!" So Timothy went off on an expedition to find honey. After have going for about an hour, Timothy found a beehive on the ground. "What luck!", Timothy said to himself. "No bees are in this, but there is quite a lot of honey." He took out a honey comb and went back home. He met Wolfina there, who had just got back and they shared their food with each other. That was the expedition of Timothy the Bear.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Adventures of Wolfina the Wolf

There once was a wolf named Wolfina. She lived in the Wild Woods of Chestnut Town. Wolfina loved eating sheep, but the farmers of Chestnut Town got mad at her whenever she took any sheep. "There has to be a solution.", Wolfina told herself. "I love sheep, but they don't sell them to wolves. Anyway, I don't have any money." While Wolfina was thinking, the farmers of Chestnut Town were also thinking of a solution to their problem. "We can't give Wolfina our sheep.", one farmer said. "But if she goes hungry," piped up another farmer, "She might go after our children instead." They talked about it for a long time. Finally, a young farmer said, "We could give Wolfina one sheep a week and take turns giving her sheep." "That just might work." The others said. And so it was done. Wolfina loved this new arrangement. She even got to hang out with some farmers and townspeople. That was one of the adventures of Wolfina the wolf.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Adventures of Smokey the Rabbit

When Smokey was just a baby bunny, he knew for certain of one thing: he was adorable! He had always heard that from people and had finally asked his mom what the word meant. "It means cute; able of adoration." His mom told him. After that, he liked being called adorable. Before, he had thought it meant "a small ball". Smokey had not liked that. He had seven brothers who called him all sorts of names. Of course, he called them those names right back. One day, Smokey's mom told her little bunnies, "Today a young boy is coming to adopt one of you, so I want you all on your best behaviors." "Yes Mom.", the bunnies chorused. Soon, the young boy came over and looked at Smokey and all his brothers: Peter, George, Sam, Gregory, Timmy, Larry, and Jack. "I want the white one.", the boy said. Gregory was put in a carrying case and taken away. The next day, a little girl came and got Peter. Soon, all that was left was Smokey and Timmy. They looked exactly the same, except for their noses. Smokey's was black and Timmy's was white.After a little while, a girl came and sat done in the pen with Smokey and Timmy. Smokey said to Timmy, " I'm getting this one." It had began to be a competition between the brothers; they tried to "get" the human. After seeing all his other brothers go, Smokey knew just how to get the girl. He climbed on her leg. She told her dad that she wanted Smokey and brought him home. That was the first adventure of Smokey the rabbit.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Hello! I'm Emma and this is my blog. I will be writing fictional story beginnings and full stories. My stories go on and on, so they may take quite a few posts. I will try to write at least one post every day. Welcome to my blog!