Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Continued Adventures of Wolfina the Wolf

One day, Wolfina was walking around the Wild Woods in search of Timothy the bear. Timothy had gone looking for honey again. On the way, Wolfina met Katie the cardinal. "Do you know where Timothy is?", Wolfina asked Katie. Katie responded, "No, but I saw him come this way about an hour ago." Wolfina thanked Katie and went on her way. A little while later, Wolfina met Charlotte the bear, who was one of Timothy's friends. "Have you seen Timothy?", she asked. "Yes I did," Charlotte replied. "He's over by the stream, catching fish." Wolfina went over to the stream and found Timothy. She called to him, "It's time to come home and have dinner!" "OK.", Timothy replied. They went home and had salmon barbecued in honey. And that was one of the adventures of Wolfina  the wolf.  

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