Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Adventures of Wolfina the Wolf

There once was a wolf named Wolfina. She lived in the Wild Woods of Chestnut Town. Wolfina loved eating sheep, but the farmers of Chestnut Town got mad at her whenever she took any sheep. "There has to be a solution.", Wolfina told herself. "I love sheep, but they don't sell them to wolves. Anyway, I don't have any money." While Wolfina was thinking, the farmers of Chestnut Town were also thinking of a solution to their problem. "We can't give Wolfina our sheep.", one farmer said. "But if she goes hungry," piped up another farmer, "She might go after our children instead." They talked about it for a long time. Finally, a young farmer said, "We could give Wolfina one sheep a week and take turns giving her sheep." "That just might work." The others said. And so it was done. Wolfina loved this new arrangement. She even got to hang out with some farmers and townspeople. That was one of the adventures of Wolfina the wolf.

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