Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Adventures of Smokey the Rabbit

When Smokey was just a baby bunny, he knew for certain of one thing: he was adorable! He had always heard that from people and had finally asked his mom what the word meant. "It means cute; able of adoration." His mom told him. After that, he liked being called adorable. Before, he had thought it meant "a small ball". Smokey had not liked that. He had seven brothers who called him all sorts of names. Of course, he called them those names right back. One day, Smokey's mom told her little bunnies, "Today a young boy is coming to adopt one of you, so I want you all on your best behaviors." "Yes Mom.", the bunnies chorused. Soon, the young boy came over and looked at Smokey and all his brothers: Peter, George, Sam, Gregory, Timmy, Larry, and Jack. "I want the white one.", the boy said. Gregory was put in a carrying case and taken away. The next day, a little girl came and got Peter. Soon, all that was left was Smokey and Timmy. They looked exactly the same, except for their noses. Smokey's was black and Timmy's was white.After a little while, a girl came and sat done in the pen with Smokey and Timmy. Smokey said to Timmy, " I'm getting this one." It had began to be a competition between the brothers; they tried to "get" the human. After seeing all his other brothers go, Smokey knew just how to get the girl. He climbed on her leg. She told her dad that she wanted Smokey and brought him home. That was the first adventure of Smokey the rabbit.

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